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5 Artistic Ways to Make Money

One of the best and most prestigious artistic ways to make money is by selling your art. Selling a few paintings can fund an entire year’s budget. If you have a good agent, you can make your entire budget with a few paintings. Good agents don’t take 80% of the sale price. You can also sell your paintings on your own without an agent, but it will take a lot of networking to get your foot in the door.

T-shirt design is an artistic way to make money

You can make money by creating a T-shirt design or selling an already-created design. Many e-commerce websites, like Spreadshirt, allow you to upload your design for free and sell it. These sites pay you a commission on the sale of other people’s designs and handle the distribution and customer service. If you don’t have design skills, you can still make a decent amount of money by selling your T-shirt designs. Just make sure that you are willing to outsource repetitive and boring tasks, and be prepared to work for many years.

Selling art on the street

The first step in selling art on the street is figuring out a plan. While you can choose to sell your art to tourists, you can also work to attract collectors from afar. To promote your work, you can distribute business cards and flyers in local cafes and event spaces. Your artwork can serve as a tangible invitation to new people who are interested in buying it. It is free to set up an event, but you should always RSVP to ensure enough time to set up your booth and to prevent the risk of crowds.

Licensing photos

Regardless of whether you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist, licensing your photos can help you earn some extra cash. Generally, you can license one or several images for a set price. You’ll also have to pay for any additional uses. However, if your photos have good commercial value, you can charge a higher fee. The key is to research agencies and make sure that the quality of your work matches theirs.

Creating inspirational messages

You can earn money by writing inspirational messages for brands. This type of writing can be powerful marketing tools. However, it is important to write unique inspirational messages that reflect your brand’s core values and strengths. If you’ve seen inspirational messages written by other writers, you might be disappointed when you read your own work. You may be tempted to plagiarize, but this is not the way to go. By keeping your messages original, you can increase your income dramatically.


There are many different ways to network as an artist, but one of the most effective is to attend private view invites. This is especially useful as they usually involve free drinks and are a great place to meet people. One way to keep in touch with old college tutors is to sign up for mailing lists, which will lead to regular invitations to private view invites. You should also keep in touch with your college tutors, who will likely have contacts and industry experience.

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