What is BalancedLifeNews.com?

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Don Roberts

Hi, I’m Don. If you’re at all like me, you already know that our everyday schedules & commitments can get in the way of living a truly balanced life. Stress can be around every corner. Some of us work too many hours, and others of us just don’t have enough money to do the things that we’d like to. I wanted to change all that for myself, so I began researching things I could do (or stop doing) in order to find some sort of balance.

Naturally, I had to sift through the information I came across to find the really helpful things. And, I began applying them. The result was that I started feeling less stress, having some more time to do what I wanted, having more money, etc.

I created BalancedLifeNews.com so that I can share common sense tips for improving our health, increasing our wealth, and balancing-out our lifestyles.

Explore The Website

The website is organized into three categories:

  • Health – Information about nutrition, sleep, fitness, and overall just being healthier and hopefully living longer.
  • Wealth – Ideas on ways to make & keep more money, with a special emphasis on how YOU can make recurring money online.
  • Lifestyle – Tips on different aspects of living your life, including cool travel ideas, entertainment, hobbies, and a lot more.

I hope the articles on BalancedLifeNews.com provide great value to you and your family.

Thank you for choosing your favorite social media platform to share this website with your friends.

Best, Don

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