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What is Balanced Life News?

image of Don Roberts

Don (Senior Editor)

Hi, I'm Don.

If you're like me, you already know that our everyday schedules & commitments can get in the way of living a balanced life. 

Stress can be lurking around every corner. It seems like we all work too many hours, and we somehow do not have enough money to do the things we'd like. 

I wanted to change all that. So, I began researching things I could do (or stop doing) to find balance.

Naturally, I had to sift through the information I came across to find helpful things. And I began applying them. The result was that I started feeling less stressed, having more time to do what I wanted, and having more money in the process.

I created so that we can share news and trends for improving your health and increasing your wealth - all while making it bite-sized enough for busy people on the go.

Staff Writers

These talented people dig into the things happening in life and write about them.

image of AJ Cameron

Anna (Staff Reporter)

AF enjoys an active lifestyle, roaming the globe and writing about wealth creation and preservation.

Image of staff reporter Sofia Lucia

Sofia (Staff Reporter)

Sofia's into all things relationships and writes about things that can positively affect everyday life.

image of Anika Fjellner

Anika (Staff Reporter)

Anika's into health & fitness and loves to write about what she finds.

Explore the Website

The website is now organized into four categories:

  • Health - News about nutrition, sleep, fitness, and overall just being healthier and hopefully living longer.
  • Wealth - News & ideas for ways to make & keep more money with an emphasis on how you can may be able to make money online.
  • Lifestyle - News & tips on different aspects of living your life, including cool travel ideas, entertainment, hobbies, and a lot more.
  • Relationships - News & updates on relationships, communication, romance, etc.

I hope the articles on provide great value to you and your family.

Please and "Thank You" for sharing this website with your friends.

Best, Don and the team at

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