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7 Ways Your Hands Can Define Your Health

There exist lots of methods in which your hands are the very first things that a stranger will observe about you, be it while shaking hands or while handing something over.

Moreover, it’s quite important that you know that your hands are significant signs of the state of your inner health. This actually indicates that, by looking at your hands, you or any person else can guess whether you are healthy or not.

In this article here and today, I will inform you about 7 things which your hands reveal about your health:

Skin Peeling

In case the skin on the palm of your hand is peeling regularly, it suggests that you are deficient in vitamin B. This is primarily real when you see the flaky skin on your fingertips.

In case you are experiencing this, make certain you take an appropriate quantity of mushrooms, peanuts, avocados, and other vitamin B rich food.

Unsteady Hands

Most of the time, having shaky hands is triggered by an extreme amount of caffeine intake and such cases are not extremely serious and can be reversed with a little change in your lifestyle. But, they can too at some point be indications of Parkinson’s illness, and therefore, you need to consult your physician if the problems persist.

Weak Nails

Having extremely weak nails are a sign of low zinc levels in the body and the deficiency of Zinc causes insufficient skin advancement and regrowth. In order to tackle this, you need to take food like oats, nuts, meat, and wheat.

Impoverished Nail Pads

Having white nails means some internal weakness. In case you have white spots on your fingernails, it suggests that your blood has low levels of RBC. Improper RBC, in turn, can result in inadequate oxygen supply to the nails.

Bluish Nails

In case you have Raynaud’s disorder, you are more than most likely to witness blue or red fingertips, rather than the regular white. You will certainly experience a chilling sensation on your fingertips which might be accompanied by pins and needles and shivers.

The first causes behind these symptoms is a shrinking of the blood vessels and veins in the palm location.

It can be as well effectively treated by readily available prescription drugs. Alongside this, you can do your bit in treating the condition, by using gloves. What is more, you must release your routine of smoking cigarettes and workout regularly to preserve appropriate blood pressure levels.

Dry Hands and Rashes

Do you take place to have dry, rough hands no matter how much moisturizer you put on them? It is rather common that you have inflammation of the skin.

In technical significance, this condition is referred to as Dermatitis and it may also cause rashes and irritation. In case the condition becomes serious, you need to instantly consult your dermatologist.

Most of the time, dry skin can be caused by a shortage of vitamin A. Furthermore, the condition is gotten worse by excessive exposure to paper and other similar products.


In case you discover dark-colored areas on your hands, then, it is an outcome of hyperpigmentation. The majority of the time, it is triggered by extreme direct exposure to direct sunlight. In order to avoid this, you could utilize reliable creams that have SPF to secure the skin versus sunshine.

All in all, stated you need to take excellent care of your hands and need to always be aware of the changes in their look. While doing this, you might be aware of some severe health issues ahead of time and can take the required actions to prevent it.

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