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D3 Vitamin Benefits For Your Health

As with most things medical, the d3 vitamin benefits, vary depending on who you ask and what study you refer to. But, having said that, some studies do seem to show that having enough D3 is important for keeping bone density and helping your immune system function optimally.

The d3 vitamin benefits can help prevent many common, and serious, health conditions such as osteoporosis, some cancers, heart disease, muscle wasting, and diabetes to name just a few.

Vitamin D3, part of the D vitamin family, is actually a hormone that is naturally produced right in your body. Vitamin D3 is not readily available in many foods, your body will actually absorb it directly from the sun.

Vitamin D3, according to a study done in 2008, can help with brain development and a lack of D3 in pregnant women may be a contributing factor to autism. D3 may also play an important role in the development of gross motor skills and even with some aspects of emotional development.

In most cases, people will receive enough D3 directly from being outside in the sun. The problem is that many people today are concerned with skin cancer so they cover up when they are out in the sun.

Either by avoiding the sun totally, or covering up with sunblock or clothing, some people are beginning to lessen the amount of D3 that they are getting. Since D3 is only available with sun exposure and a few foods such as fish, cod liver oil, and eggs, your options can get pretty limited if you don’t go out in the sun.

Of course, there are some supplements that can help you get more D3 into your body. Not all supplements are created the same though, so make sure you only find the best quality supplements in order to get the greatest effect.

Some of the possible side effects of not getting enough D3 into your body are:

1. Without sufficient amounts of Vitamin D, your body will not be able to absorb calcium effectively. This lack of calcium can result in osteoporosis as well as high blood pressure in some people.

2. Other bone density health concerns such as rickets which causes skeletal deformity. These conditions are often found in poor countries where the mother is lacking proper nutrition.

With virtually all supplements, there is a danger of taking too much of the supplement. But, that risk is practically nonexistent with D3. The findings from an extensive study done in 1999 found that it would be virtually impossible to ingest enough D3 to have it reach toxic levels.

Getting enough D3 into your daily diet, 200 IU for your recommended daily allowance, may help ward off; high blood pressure, bone density problems, obesity, melanoma, and possibly even mental illness.

Just a few hours every week out in the sunlight with only a low SPF sunscreen should be enough to allow your body to absorb the D3 it needs. If you can’t do that, just take a supplement instead to get all the d3 vitamin benefits.

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