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Lonely Planet – Travel Guide to the West

With Lonely Planet’s Western USA, you’ll have the best travel guide to the region’s most popular attractions and hidden discoveries. From the cosmopolitan ‘Mission Dolores’ district to the iconic ‘Pacific Coast Highway’, this guide has it all. Plus, it has helpful advice on what not to miss and what to do instead. Whether you’re looking for the perfect getaway or planning your ultimate road trip, Lonely Planet has you covered.

Western USA

Lonely Planet’s Western USA is the ultimate travel guide for the West. Whether you’re planning a family vacation, or are looking for the most comprehensive guide to this part of the country, Lonely Planet has you covered. From driving through the Rocky Mountains to hiking through primeval landscapes in Yellowstone, Lonely Planet has you covered. And with its insider tips and cultural insights, this guide will help you plan your trip like a local.

Yellowstone National Park

If you’re planning a trip to Yellowstone National Park, there are several things that you must do. This pristine, wild area is the last pocket of the USA. There are many activities and adventures available in Yellowstone, from climbing the park’s many summits to fishing in Yellowstone Lake. There are even horseback tours available for those who prefer not to hike. In addition, the planning map includes useful information about the park’s attractions and activities.

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon in Arizona, United States, is the most iconic natural wonder in the world. With its age and immensity, it is one of the seven wonders of the world. The Colorado River carves through two-hundred-seven-miles of canyon, leaving its mark on the geology and landscape for millions of years. The Grand Canyon is a wonder for everyone and one of the world’s seven wonders, but not everyone can experience its sheer scale and beauty.

Yosemite National Park

Lonely Planet Yosemite National Park is a comprehensive guide to the world’s most famous park, with tips and advice on everything from hiking trails to sightseeing destinations. In-depth articles on the park and its attractions provide essential information for families and roadtrippers alike. It also covers a range of topics, from what to pack and how to get around to camping grounds and ski resorts.

Grand Canyon of the Gunnison

The Grand Canyon of the Gunnison, a 32,950-acre park in Colorado, is a natural wonder of the world. The canyon’s sheer walls and depths are breathtaking, and the sunlight can only reach the canyon floor when it is shining directly overhead. It is the third-largest canyon in the world, and it is also the narrowest in the country. While there are no other canyons in the world with such a dramatic landscape, it’s a sight to behold.

Death Valley

The national park at Death Valley, California is America’s lowest and hottest place, with a temperature of over two hundred and seventy-five degrees. The park covers 5000 square miles and is the second-largest outside Alaska. While the landscape here is barren and seemingly desolate, the area has a surprising amount of interest. The painter’s palette mountains and salt flats of Badwater Basin, which is 282 feet below sea level, are a highlight of Artists Drive, which passes through the National Park. The historic 1927 Inn at Furnace Creek is also worth a visit.

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