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Places to See in China

If you have never been to China, you will be very surprised by the variety of cities and regions that make this country so unique. From the impressive skylines to the historic landmarks and world heritage sites, China has something for everyone. From its cuisine, which is among the world’s best, to the 53 different ethnic groups and over 300 different languages spoken throughout the country, there is simply too much to see and experience. In fact, you will be lucky if you even manage to scratch the surface.


Central China’s landlocked Hubei Province is home to varied landscapes and a stunning five-tiered Yellow Crane Tower. Its capital city, Hubei, is home to the Hubei Provincial Museum, as well as the East Lake, where tourists can admire the city’s many landmarks. Known for its three gorges, Hubei is one of the top destinations on a Yangtze River cruise. In addition, the Three Gorges Dam is an impressive sight and a popular place to see the scenery.


If you’re looking for a unique destination in Asia, Shanghai is the perfect place to visit. This bustling metropolis has a long history and many European and Chinese influences, making it a charming city with a modern vibe. For those looking for something a little different, Shanghai is the perfect place. Shanghai has so many interesting places to visit that it may be difficult to decide which ones to visit. Here are some tips to help you decide which places to see in Shanghai.


Xi’an is a city of diverse cultures and religions. Its cultural diversity is represented by Buddhist temples and mosques, as well as a large Muslim population. It is also a center for education and learning, with several universities. Although the local cuisine does not fall under China’s eight traditional styles, it is certainly delicious. You can also attend local opera, which is a popular form of entertainment.


The port city of Tianjin, China, is the main commercial hub of northeastern China. In the aftermath of the 1858 Treaties of Tianjin, several Western nations set up concessions here. The European period left behind European-style buildings and houses. However, modern skyscrapers are also a major feature of Tianjin, including the Tianjin Radio and Television Tower. The city’s historical significance is not limited to the past, and visitors can still enjoy the sights and sounds of modern China.


Located in the south of China, Yangshuo is a county and a resort town known for its dramatic karst mountain landscape. Visitors can hike to the top of the Bilian Feng mountain, a nearby pinnacle. A tour boat offers scenic cruises on the Li River, passing the countryside. To the north is the city of Guilin. It is well worth the time to travel to both Yangshuo and Guilin.


West of Shanghai is the charming city of Suzhou, China. This ancient city is known for its bridges, classical gardens, and canals. The Humble Administrator’s Garden, which dates back to 1513, features zigzag bridges over connected pools, ornate viewing pavilions, and the Crown of Clouds Peak. Visitors will also find the 7-story leaning Cloud Rock Pagoda on Tiger Hill.

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