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The Intricacies Of Coffee Makers

It is not unknown to many of us that coffee making has evolved into an art and industry of its own. Coffee businesses are understandably thriving because what they particularly market is the taste and quality of the beverage they sell. What most people do not get is the passion of coffee connoisseurs for the taste, aroma, and creaminess of the drink. While caffeine kick is the most popular and obvious reason for the coffee maker sales, coffee intricacies are catching up and becoming the next reason.

Coffee machines have different forms and kinds and believe it or not, each one delivers a unique coffee taste. The widely used equipment is the “drip coffee maker” and some simply call it the brewer. It is an upright appliance where the ground coffee is placed on a filter paper and basket. The basket is then put above the brewed coffee pot. Water slowly drips into the filter basket and goes on to fill the coffee pot.

Another popular coffee maker is the espresso machine. Large coffee shops use espresso machines with at least three heads, however, only one espresso head is necessary for household use. Espresso coffee makers are specifically designed to use espresso beans only. Any other beans used on the espresso machine may give unpleasant results. An espresso head is attached with a portafilter that serves as a mini-filter basket, as with the drip machine. A measured amount of ground coffee is pressed on to the portafilter and placed securely on to the head. When the equipment is switched on, pressurized water will seep into the portafilter and the extract drips through the spout into the espresso cups.

The percolator used to be a commonly utilized household coffee maker. But due to its substandard coffee flavor results, and the increasing preference of consumers for great tasting coffee, percolators eventually lost its popularity. Ground coffee and water are combined and boiled together in the percolator jug. Afterward, the beverage is strained and poured on to the coffee cup.

A French press is not popularly used because some people do not quite understand the proper way of using it. French roast beans are the best kind of coffee to brew in this equipment that resembles a big mug. The ground coffee is placed in the cylinder with the water and left to brew for a few minutes. When brewing is done, the grounds are pressed down with a mesh plunger to separate the particles from the water, and coffee is poured onto the cup.

The coffee pod is the newest kind of coffee maker. It produces a single-serve cup using ground coffee sealed in a filter bag called a “pod.” It is shaped like a percolator with the movable upper part bent forward. The pod is inserted inside the container and the snout is pressed down to extract the coffee.

Nothing beats the freshly brewed taste of coffee and every kitchen must possess one of these coffee makers. Coffee drinking has gone past the thirst-quenching and has become a daily treat to anticipate.

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