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Top Things to Do in the USA

A bucket list of your American travels should include the National Parks, cities and road trips, as well as the best kayaking adventures. The country’s natural attractions are among the most beautiful in the world, so if you’re unsure where to start, check out our list of the top things to do in the United States. You’ll be glad you did! After all, what’s the point in having a bucket list if you can’t cross everything off?

National Parks

US National Parks are incredible experiences. These vast landscapes punctuated by awe-inspiring beauty are awe-inspiring, and many people fail to experience them. A road trip through these incredible places will be a trip of a lifetime. And, with National Parks located throughout the country, you’re sure to find a spot to suit your needs. Here’s how to plan a trip to one of these breathtaking places.


You can choose the places on your bucket list that suit your tastes and interests. Whether you prefer wild terrain and hiking adventures, quaint ivy-clad towns, perfect beach towns, cultural and foodie hotspots, or all of the above, the USA has it all. For example, you could visit the oldest city in the US, Boston. You can explore the city’s historic sites and enjoy a traditional Native American performance.


If you want to travel around the USA, you should make sure to include the most iconic cities in your list. The Big Apple, Boston, and Chicago are among the most visited cities in the country. They offer a variety of activities, from hiking in the hills to viewing wildlife. However, while visiting any of these cities, you must be extra careful to avoid encountering any wild animals. You should allocate at least four days to complete your trip, so you can enjoy the entire experience.

Road trips

If road trips are on your list of things to do, the United States is the place for you. A coast-to-coast trip is a must-do, as is a northern route through national parks. Or how about a trip through the state of Utah, where you’ll see jaw-dropping rock formations and impressive mountain ranges? The country’s diverse landscapes make the U.S. the perfect destination for road trips.

Must-see cities

If you haven’t been to Memphis, Tennessee yet, it’s on your bucket list of places to see. The city’s many attractions include the iconic Statue of Liberty and the National Civil Rights Museum. You can visit the former to learn about the civil rights movement and the impact it had on the country. If you’re a nature lover, you should also visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which spans the Tennessee-North Carolina border and boasts beautiful mountains and a fascinating history.

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